Apartment in Seapoint


I had the wonderful opportunity to help with the designing of an old 1940-50’s flat in Seapoint.  It was a gem as NO changes to the interior have been made since it was built. Originally it had one reception area, a large bedroom, one bathroom and an L-shaped kitchen.

The client’s brief was to redesign it to a modern functional second home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The client works regularly in Cape Town and wanted the grandchildren to stay over at times.

Below you can view the transformation from a dull flat to a bright welcoming upmarket apartment.

 Reception: Before and after



Dining area looking into bedroom: Before and After



Dining: Before and After


Panorama eet.kombui

Kitchen: Before and After

IMG_0669 Untitled_Panorama11

Kombuis2 Kombuis.bad.kids

Good design changed the wasted space in the L-Shaped Kitchen into the desired Second Bedroom



It gives me so much joy the see happy and satisfied clients with an interior decorated in their style, taste, budget and working with what they have!



Oktober maand

Oktober maand die mooiste mooiste maand!!! Enjoyed my garden this morning with my cat, Meraai- from flowers to veggies (those that the goggas left).






Home Office or Study

In Vrydag (23 Augustus) se Burger het ‘n artikel verskyn oor die inrigting van studeerkamers. So tussen hakies vind ek die benaming studeerkamer altyd baie amusant, aangesien ek nog nooit iemand sien studeer het in hul studeerkamer nie. Die enigste vertrek in ‘n woonhuis waar ek mense sien studeer het, is in hul slaapkamers…. ‘n Beter benaming is seker ‘n werkkamer of kantoor (in Engels “Home Office”). Die artikel het my geinspireer om te kyk na die uitleg van die areas waar ons tuis werk. Meeste van ons het nie die voorreg om ‘n hele aparte studeerkamer in ons kleiner moderne huise te hê nie. Dit moet beplan word as deel of hoekie van bv. die familie- of slaapkamer. Dieselfde beginsels geld vir die beplanning, klein of groot.

Die foto en berig benede het ek op Lidewij Edelkoort se Trendletter gevind. Ag, sou dit tog nie lekker gewees het as ek so ‘n lessenaar gehad het die jare toe ek as bibliotekaris boeke moes katalogiseer nie. Tydens my middagete sou ek tog te lekker ‘n ogie kon knip!


Creating likeable offices has proven better workethics. Companies more and more try to make the work space more like a hangout place where everyone feels home and comfortable. The 1.6 SM of Life takes this idea to a whole different level. It is a compact, hybrid yet stylish desk that turns into a bed, which was inspired by the experience while studying and working.

By day, the piece of furniture looks like an unassuming white workstation. By mid-day, it opens up to reveal a padded surface beneath the desk area that serves as a comfy spot for those who tend to hit the wall around that time.

Searching for images of home offices on the internet I only came across pictures that does not portray anything that I have seen in real life. They are all so perfect, not a pencil or file out of place. Maybe we all aspire to such a perfect office aka study, but let’s face it this is only possible in our dreams. Nevertheless there are a few important tips that I would like to share when planning your home office, study or what ever you choice to call it.

* L-shaped desk (or two tables placed in a L-shape) is best if you work on a computer. You have that extra space for doing paperwork, reading or filing.
* Light – natural or electrical. Make sure there is no light reflected on your screen, but good light is needed on your keyboard. Most irritating trying to type when you can’t see your keyboard, but you are shocked at the garble that appears on you screen, which is clearly visible.
* Plugs – lots, lots and lots more.
* Shelves – keep them near. Although it is claimed that we live in a paperless society, there still seems to be so many pieces of paper that needs to be kept? And if you are one of those very lucky people that do not keep any paper copies you probably have lots of memory sticks or CD’s that needs to be shelved.
* Drawers – Do not be stingy with them. Punches, staples, pens, pencils, printer paper all ideal to store in drawers.
* Ergonomics – Type of chair. Enough space on desk to rest your elbow while moving the mouse. Correct height of screen to ensure good posture.
* Decor – Whatever makes you comfortable and relaxed. Colours, art, family photo’s, ornaments… Bring in textures with carpets and window coverings.

Upcycled chair

Look what can be done with an old chair. I find that old furniture are usually much better made that new one’s. It is worth the cost the have your old stuff re-upholstered.

Louis stoel oud
Louis chair before
Louis chair upcycled

2012 Olympic cauldron

The 2012 Olympic cauldron was designed by Thomas Heatherwick .  The dandelion-like design, is composed from 204 petals (each representing a competing nation), which are attached to levered stems that pump natural gas to each petal. the stems gently rise
from the ground upwards and converge to form ‘one great flame of unity’ – representative of the transitory togetherness
that is embodied in the olympic games.

‘we were aware cauldrons had been getting bigger, higher, fatter as each olympics happened
and we felt we shouldn’t try to be even bigger than the last ones. this incredible event has 204 nations
coming together, so we had a child from each country bringing these copper polished objects in.
at the end of the games, this cauldron will dismantle itself and radiate back down to the ground
and each of those copper pieces take away by each nation and put in their national olympic cabinet.’ 

– thomas heatherwick . Designboom

2012 Olympic Cauldron
2012 Olympic Cauldron


2012 London Olympics Cauldron – the mechanism which lifts the stems



Cat tunnel sofa

From the blog of Freshome.com – Interior Design + Architecture Magazine I found this crazy sofa for cat lovers.

 Seungji Mun
Cat Tunnel Sofa

Inspired by the growing number of family pets, Korean designer Seungji Mun figured out how to offer pet owners a fun, dynamic piece of furniture to share with their cats: “Companion animals are no longer pets but positioned as companions of people. And in Korea, more than 10 million people are living with pets.” This built-in system for cats to have their fun while being close to owners was designed with functionality in mind – crowded urban living spaces leave too little space for pet furniture. This propels the Cat Tunnel Sofa to a level of versatility that solves the space problems for both humans and their feline friends. The backrest was imagined as a tunnel that starts on the ground, working its way up and around the sofa to shape an armrest. Pierced by a gap in the middle, the tunnel allows cats to interact with the person(s) occupying the sofa: “After analyzing and observing cats’ habits and behaviors through experts’ opinion and sufficient research, we designed the structure and shape of the sofa to be fully in harmony with.